Derrick Gillikin was a turning point in my dealing with numerous health issues and starting my detox journey. Not only did he help my body flush out the toxins already trapped in my colon, he helped me realize that a true detox program isn't just about your colon, it is about every part of your being working together in harmony- physical, emotional and spiritual. In our modern society this is so difficult. We section everything off for convenience. Ragged emotional health, negative energy wearing physically on our body, extreme stress causing health issues, the crappy food we eat out of convenience... this is our daily way of polluting and taxing the very organs designed to protect us and keep us healthy. These crucial organs are now crippled and struggling to get the basic nutrients and rest that they need, and are no longer able to help us like they were designed to. This is why such extreme health issues are becoming so prevalent today. Is this seemingly obvious connection not obvious? We are kidding ourselves if we believe otherwise. When you start a detox program, the ultimate goal is to rid your body of toxins built up over time from our diet and environment. How effective can a program really be if you are not completely releasing all the toxins the program is helping your body pull out to be permanently expelled? These pollutants are now trapped in your colon which is already toxic and not working to its best of it's ability. You are just compounding the problem, shifting the toxins rather than getting rid of them. Colon hydrotherapy helps your body complete this last crucial step in elimination and true detoxing. It is all so dependent again on balance and thinking of the whole body- not just conveniently one section at a time. Detoxing is not convenient. I have found that nothing truly worth doing in my 42 years has ever been convenient. Quick is not painless. In the long run, it is the things I have done which were the least convenient that have been the best decisions I have ever made. Good luck in your detox journey, and thank you Derrick for opening my eyes.  Kerri Mom of three ;)Boise, Idaho

​​Pathways to health SAVED MY LIFE! I had Diverticulitis. Conventional doctors say there was no cure. I remember before I saw the article Pathways to Health wrote about Diverticulitis, I was waking up every morning for 10-15 yrs. or more hurting in my lower abdominals. Pain pills were not an option! They only made my issue worse in the long run. After several cups of coffee and a good bowel movement, the pain would subside. I tried more fiber, NO RELIEF, until I read the article about COLONICS! What they were saying made since to me. I called to talk, ask questions before I would make an appointment. They explained to me that Diverticulitis is like having a sore inside your colon that won’t heal. You must keep it clean to heal. Then eventually the sore (pocket) will heal. But you must STOP doing what caused the problem in the first place. Stop eating Gluten, grains, wheat & corn, raw vegies, peels of raw fruit, seedy fruit and cut out dairy! It made a lot of sense to me. I did the first 3 treatments as they suggested, I was hooked on NO PAIN in the morning! I tried to listen to the diet suggestions. Less mucus forming foods made my diverticulitis symptoms less! I drove 140 miles round trip to have these treatments.  I’m 62 and have been eating as I wish for most of my 60ish years. I was diagnosed with diverticulitis after a colonoscopy at age 50. Now I feel better than I did in my 50’s. I’ve had this self-made diverticulitis since my 40’s, so it may take 22 months or better to heal. Thank you Pathways to Health for helping this stubborn woman to feel comfortable enough to help myself heal from this self-made disease, with colon therapy and paying attention to what I eat.                                                                 Sincerely, Jeannie Crowe, Vale, Oregon 

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​Rhonda Welch Collins —
5 star
Derrick is truly passionate about his a colon hydrotherapist in Maui, HI, I am inspired and in awe of his info and character. Long live Colon Hydrotherapy! Thank you, Derrick! You are an amazing therapist and great friend, too


“Very peaceful and relaxing setting. I will be back”
MARGARET V.  02/2015

Hello Pathways to Health. I hope this finds you well and happy in your new location!  I sure miss your therapy but I know it was a good move.  I wish you well and that you will prosper there!  God bless You! For the past two years Derrick Gillikin has been my colon hydrotherapist, helping me with my health issues.  I found Derrick very professional, extremely knowledgable, and yet easy to talk to and concerned about my health.  He is very knowledgeable about health issues, cleansing of the body, and his profession.  I have personally found my health issues improving, my sense of smell heighten, and my sense of well-being restored. I would highly recommend Pathways to Health for anyone’s colon hydrotherapy needs!  Connie Bratt ~ Certified Master Gardener

“I was very nervous due to being my first colonic ever. They  made me feel comfortable & at ease with the entire procedure. I will definitely go back again.”
JANE R.  07/2015

​​I went to see Derrick at Pathways To Health because I was having some digestive issues. The results were amazing. I was nervous about trying it and not sure I wanted to work with a man, but Derrick put me at ease right away.Clearing out all the old waste helped my digestive system work better and I was able to absorb the nutrients from my food again. It also flushed out the yeast overgrowth and got rid of some mold in my intestines that I was dealing with. I would highly recommend Derrick to anyone, as a person and as a professional.Carlin BeauchampNovember 2014​

Had a great experience while doing colon therapy with Derrick. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and gave great advice. I looked forward to coming every week because I knew how much the sessions helped my body. I would highly reccomend this business.

Val Transtrum 


I saw Pathways to health regularly for over 2 years. They are very professional and helped me tremendously. I did the 7 Day Cleanse and was blown away with how productive it was. They always made me feel comfortable and I always left our sessions feeling better. I will be visiting twice a year for his treatments. There is no replacing them in Boise. I miss them very much! I highly recommend their treatments. Jill C. Boise

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