Spirit Releasement Therapy and Past Life Therapy are closely linked in clinical application. The interaction which led to the spirit attachment is sometimes discovered in a past life of the client. This must be explored in Past Life Regression.

Spirit Releasement Therapy was was coined and procedures developed by the late Dr. William Baldwin. In my own work with Spirits, I believe that all attached spirits will have a resonating emotion with the living host. It is this resonance that initally attracted the earth-bound spirit to the living person in the first place. My objective with Spirit Releasement is to compassionately assist the spirit to transition. Afterwards, the client is left with the desired result of being free of attachment.

Spirit Releasement Therapy is a spiritual healing used to clear a person of spirit attachments and their associated negative energies. Entities attach to a living being when our energies are low. Fear, depression, abuse, angst and foul moods, alcoholism or drug abuse opens the door for attachment.

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It is a fact that all your present and past life experiences are stored in your subconscious mind and these memories can be retrieved through the process of Past Life Regression. During a Past Life Regression, some people may see clips of a past life or lives, some may see a full motion picture.

Past Life Exploration is a use of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other lifetimes. This happens many times spontaneously while under hypnosis. While exploring a past life or lives, healing and change may occur as the exploration process brings to the surface events that have happened to someone in a past life.

By tapping into the power of past life exploration, you can understand the reasoning behind your present situation, your fears, your character and personality, your talents, likes and dislikes, and even learn to heal present undesirable emotional conditions.

Past Life Regression is a less conventional approach compared to conservative therapies, but its techniques and principals are thousands of years old and have no harmful effects. You don’t need to believe in past lives for it to be a powerful uncovering technique.

Past Life Regression has been used for emotional and spiritual healing for many years. It has helped people explore their inner awareness and understand why they carry certain traits or are drawn to certain people, or have a talent or possess knowledge with no idea how it was acquired.

Advanced Transformational Hypnosis is a systematic approach to removing negative beliefs and behaviors that were initially formed or created in the client’s subconscious mind sometime in their past. The negative beliefs are sometimes created by the child upon receiving some kind of suggestion or comment from a parent, teacher, or other authority figure that made the child feel inferior, not good enough, unloved, unworthy, or inadequate in some way. 

Once the initial beliefs settle into the child’s mind, the child’s subconscious mind automatically and continually scans for other events in their lifetime to confirm these beliefs, ultimately causing the older child or adult-self to have feelings related to these unresolved issues, such as anger, sadness, fear, and more. This transformational process, which takes place in phases, helps the client to identify and clear underlying fears, limiting beliefs, and barriers to success.  

This transformational process will enable you to work through the initial event that caused the negative beliefs and all the subsequent events that have compounded and reconfirmed those beliefs. You will then become free of misconceptions about yourself so you no longer need to find unfavorable distractions to avoid facing your fears. 

Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy assists in removing the physical matter that becomes toxic and is stored in our bodies. Our bodies store toxins or poisons in large part to protect itself. We are organic matter within our physical bodies, being largely made up of the element carbon. All organic life on this planet including the planet itself is made up of elements including carbon. It was never intended for us to ingest anything into our bodies that does not contain carbon. Toxic pesticides, chemicals, and prescription medications, added growth hormones and other man made chemicals including round up ready GMO's do not contain carbon. When they enter our bodies we have an immune system response. Our body cannot process and utilize the non carbon containing chemicals. It doesn't recognize any of them. In order to protect itself the Autonomic Nervous system gives these toxins an ionic charge bonding them to proteins, storing them in fat cells and the nervous system making it hard to lose weight and causing the body to HOLD ON to these physical poisons. In addition causing inflammation, food and environmental allergies, and eventually causing various types of dis-ease within the body. It is no wonder why so many people are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Colon hydrotherapy, if performed correctly, assists the body in ridding itself of these stored toxins, causing the body to LET GO. This is what Colon Hydrotherapy is really all about. 

A person’s passion to do certain things is related to their soul’s purpose for being a human being. It is true that through cleansing you can  free yourself of unwanted toxins, emotions, and limited thinking patterns that have prohibited your lives from expressing passion.  Once you are cleared of toxins you will have a greater sense of well-being and can  begin the process of healing. . This can be very exciting for a person to begin the experience of using their creativity with passion to develop their talents and gifts. The process of LETTING GO is extremely powerful in regards to allowing a persons true purpose and potential to make itself known. This applies to your physical body as well. As this process of LETTING GO or CLEANSING takes place you will find that your body becomes free of excess weight, constipation, skin issues, allergies, inflammation, and all sorts of physical ailments. They will fall by the wayside because they no longer serve you. You are in essence free. 

Our goal ​​in working with you is to educate you on how Colon Hydrotherapy works within the body and how it helps the body to clear or LET GO of patterns resulting from the holding on to emotions and stuck patterns of energy that could be preventing you from reaching not only your health goals, your weight goals, but also in reaching your highest potential. By understanding how subtle energy works in your body you will learn to empower yourself, purify yourself, and gain clarity. We use Colon Hydrotherapy as a powerful means to and end in helping you. Are you ready to shift the patterns of your health and life ? 


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Colon Hydrotherapy in it's truest sense is about LETTING GO. Ancient esoteric civilizations who practiced Colon Hydrotherapy were not so concerned about physical toxins the way we are today. They were more concerned about energies and emotions that would become stuck creating blocks within them thus holding them back from their true potential. Not only that but they believed that if they continued to hold onto these things and pass on from this life with them, they would carry these energies and burdens into their next incarnation. So they would purify themselves periodically with what they referred to as the Angel of Water (Colon Hydrotherapy) and the Angel of Air (fasting) in order to let go of anything holding them back from achieving their highest potential. 

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In 1995 I became a certified Colon Hydrotherapy practitioner. Since then I have dedicated my life to helping others experience the power of this ancient healing modality. I founded Pathways to Health Healing Center in Bend Oregon and began my practice. As time passed, I continued to study and receive certifications in  different types of healing modalities; each one very powerful in their own way. Each of these modalities has contributed to evolving my abilities, taking me on a journey that has led to what Pathways to Health is today. The modalities other than Colon Hydrotherapy that I have been trained in are Therapeutic Touch, Massage Therapy, CranioSacrel Therapy, Reflexology, Iridology, and Subtle Energy Clearing.  

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