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EXPERIENCE. Twenty two plus years as a colon therapy professionals We have learned much and have seen amazing transformations that have taken place with our clients. Through our research and experience we believe it is the manner in which we perform the therapy and acknowledge the energetic component as well as the physical that is connected to the therapy itself that makes all the difference. 


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Our bodies store poisons in order to protect itself from the onslaught of chemicals and other poisons that the liver can not change into a water soluble substance and eliminate naturally. They are given an ionic charge and they become bound to proteins. There are only a few  ways this electrical bond can be broken. Chelation, and Colon Hydrotherapy are among the very few. And even with a closed system the treatment must be performed correctly in order to get the desired results.  Some colonics  are focused on flushing out fecal material and that's great but they absolutely do not activate the feedback systems in the Autonomic Nervous System that causes those toxins to break free of their ionic bond and find an exit through one of the five major detoxification areas. the skin, kidneys, lungs, colon, and the EMOTIONS. So, its not really about poop at all. Its about LETTING GO.

Colon Hydrotherapy Bellingham, 


​​ Colon Hydrotherapy Bellingham

Your colon health should be a high priority. Colon Hydrotherapy is a safe, physician recommended, clinically tested treatment for many ailments arising from the insufficient removal of toxins and pollutants from your body. For centuries Colon Hydrotherapy has been used to cleanse, balance, and help the body rid itself of biological and emotional toxins without the use of harmful chemicals or drugs. Our mission is to assist clients in restoring and maintaining optimum colon and digestive health and to improve bowel function in a safe, clean modern environment. The level of care, professionalism and knowledge that you will receive here is the highest in the industry. Many physicians refer their patients to us for our specialized colon cleansing programs, and colon hydrotherapy is now the physician-prefered precolonoscopy preparation. 

Our Services are focused on getting YOU the results you're looking for. Over the last 22 years we have learned how to address each individual when it comes to their personal cleansing needs. We stress the word PROGRAM because that is how we approach each individual client with their  health issues.

We do not diagnose or directly treat any disease. That is not what we are here for. What we do is help you take responsibility for your health by guiding and coaching you through a  program that fits your personal needs. Our experience has shown  us that almost anything can be helped with a thorough program of cleansing including Colon Hydrotherapy. As the human body ages, there is a greater risk of chemical contamination buildup in our organs and tissues. As toxins accumulate, the body is more likely to suffer the effects of poor health. This is why cleansing is so vital to optimal health. When the body is cleansed of waste and toxic buildup, heavy metals, and parasites, it relieves an enormous stress on the organs and tissues. Colon Hydrotherapy is really about letting go. Ancient esoteric civilizations used colon therapy in conjuction with fasting to purify themselves of all manner of disease and illness. Fasting was referred to as the Angel of Air and Colon Therapy as the Angel of Water.